Race Packages

$20 Per Day

Why do you need photos?

Sponsors: Race photos are a great way to attract potential sponsors. For those with current sponsors, photos are the best way to communicate your race results.

Form: One of the main reason for photos of yourself riding is that you are able to see any potential issues with your form, and therefore look for improvement.

Memories: My goal in photography is to capture a moment in your life that will last a lifetime

How it Works

Contact me BEFORE the race via;

Instagram direct message @jess.mayphotos

Email @jess.mayphoto@gmail.com (NO S at the end)

Find me before the races. I try to hang around sign up area


In order to take your photos, I'll need to know a few things

1.What class or classes you race

2.Bike number

3.Brand (or color of graphics)

Feel free to send a photo of your bike


If you find me before the race, cash is preferred

PayPal @jess.mayphoto@gmail.com

Venmo jess_mayphotos

Zelle 330-780-3010

Malvern Motocross 2019 Race Deals

$20 Per Day

Summit Indoors Special

$20 per day

$50 for all three days (Practice, Friday and Saturday)

Examples of possible photos are below:

Untitled photo

Summit Indoors

Untitled photo

Summit Indoors

Untitled photo
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